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Competition step by step

The following list is our recommendations on how to organize agility competition using Agility Manager.

Following steps are listed chronologically and with links to individual parts of the documentation, where it is described how the mentioned steps are implemented. The given list can be used as a wish list of individual steps so that nothing is forgotten during the preparation and organizing of the competition.

Competition preparation

It is a good idea to prepare the steps below several days before the competition.

  1. Before preparing the competition, it is necessary to prepare the Agility Manager and install a clean database. You don't have to do this if you just installed Agility Manager because the new installation has a database ready. This step needs to be done only if you already have some previous competition in the database. In that case, we recommend that you first back up the previous competition.
  2. Set competition settings.
  3. Add to the system the parkours that your competition will have and set their names.
  4. If you need to work with several types of teams, create the necessary types of teams.
  5. By importing teams from an XSL file upload team data to Agility Manager. If you do not use import from an XLS file, add teams manually.
  6. If you need to work with several types of teams, set the types of teams for individual teams.
  7. Do check competitors competing with more than one dog and reorder them so that they have no problem starting with their dogs close together. So that they have enough time to change and prepare the dog.
  8. Add all runs to the system of the competition.
  9. Prepare starting lists for all runs. But don't generate starting lists. These will be generated only after the presentation of the teams on the day of the competition.
  10. If in the competition you will evaluate the sums of several runs prepare summaries.
  11. If you need to make special results from runs in the competition, create special results. If you need to make summary of special results prepare those as well.
  12. If you want to show live results during the competition, add live results.

Steps to take before starting a run

  1. Before starting the entire competition, it is necessary to make a team presentation.
  2. After the presentation generate starting lists and print them. It is not a condition that you have to generate the starting lists of all runs, but only those that start running first. You can also generate the starting lists for other runs later, depending on the competition program and the team presentation program.
  3. If you are going to use online results, switch the run to online status. From this moment on, the competition and starting lists will be displayed in the mobile application. It is a good idea to do this step before starting the tours so that the competitors have the opportunity to check when they start in the mobile application.
  4. Setting parkour parameters - don't forget to set parkour parameters before running.
  5. Mark run as ready (change status to READY).
  6. Start parkour walkings.
  7. After starting the runs recording results of individual teams.

Steps to be taken after running the starting list

  1. Switch the starting list in the live results to the following one.
  2. Print results from the completed starting list.

Steps to take after completing the entire run

  1. Mark run as finished (change status to FINISH).

Other steps

  1. If you evaluate the totals in the competition, generate the results of the totals.
  2. If you evaluate special results in the competition, generate special results.
  3. If you evaluate the sums of special results in the competition, generate sums of special results.
  4. Backup the entire competition and save the backup file to a safe place outside the server.